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Hi, I’m Ashley of One Well Soul.
Your partner in wellness, helping you navigate the health of your mind, body and soul.

As a reiki practitioner, therapeutic pilates instructor & health coach, I help you move and feel your best. Health is more than the food on your plate. Movement is more than a punishment for eating “bad” or a means to lose weight. Emotions, trauma and grief can create energy blocks that affect our well-being long after we’ve experienced them. 

With advanced certifications in post-rehabilitative movement, functional anatomy & biomechanics, I help you find movement that heals, feels good and serves your unique body.

As a holistic health coach I help bring awareness to true health, connection and vitality. As a reiki healer, I help align you to your highest and best self - clearing out stagnant or suppressed emotions and welcoming in a fresh, balanced sense of self and purpose.

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