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What others say

I LOVE my workouts with Ashley! I was referred to her by my physical therapist following back surgery, and I am grateful every day as I work towards strengthening my back and avoiding further surgery. We do a variety of exercises each workout (2x/wk) and she gives me homework in between. SO, when I practice in between I don’t get bored and find excuses not to do the important work. I have already recommended her to friends.

Larrideane Hirschklau

Ashley is phenomenal to work with.  From helping you learn basics and fundamentals to supporting more challenging work as you progress - she is always professional, caring and pushes you to be the best you can be. We began working together after the birth of my first child and continued through my second pregnancy and beyond. I feel my best and the strongest I’ve ever been.

Jenny Lesser

Ashley creates a welcoming learning environment that provides much more than exercise. Her interdisciplinary approach has given me insight into how connections between muscles, bones, ligaments, etc. work together to produce movement and keep me functioning, while managing the pain of arthritis. 

Ashley is observant, and is able to "read" the bodies in her classroom, taking into consideration a variety of factors that might affect a practitioner on any given day. She cues into movement clearly, but easily rephrases directions if necessary.

I have enjoyed (and benefitted from) working with Ashley in class and privately."

Helena Martiyan

Ashley has been working with me to relieve, lessen or alleviate my physical discomforts and their causes. 

Her training with Body Harmonics has given her a vast store of knowledge. She has a deep intuition in understanding how the body, mind and spirit are connected and how she might help if it's not all working well...and she is a wonderful human being!

I am now moving through my days at work and home so much more comfortably. I have much less pain, and my mobility and stamina have greatly improved. She also designed a routine of movements I do at home so I can maintain and build on the progress I've already made.

You will be more than satisfied if you choose to work with Ashley. I sincerely recommend her and her services.

Terrell Kessler

Ashley is a joy to work with and I think she is a true healer.
During our time together she always challenges me and she is also sensitive to what I need.
She has an ability to work with injuries, soreness, stiffness, even just moodiness! She has a deep understanding of the body and an innate ability to meet you where you are, at your best or at your worst, and help you get better.
With Ashley, I always feel encouraged and I’m always inspired.

Betsy Daley

Ashley was one of the first teachers I encountered when I started practicing pilates. Immediately I connected with her and loved her style of teaching. She is all about focusing on the breath, preparing the body, and bringing attention and focus to the different areas you are working. She remains true to the core principles of pilates and I appreciate her respect for the practice.

Gina Chase

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